Saturday, March 9, 2013

California Love

One of my best friends that I met while living in St. George turned the big 3-0 this past June. Her husband had told me he wanted to plan something big to celebrate and said he would let me know when he decided what the plans were. I got a call a few weeks before Roxanne's birthday from her husband telling me that the plan was to spend a week at a beach house. Was I in? OF COURSE! Unfortunately, I couldn't stay the whole week because of work, but I was able to stay the whole time we spent at the beach. I drove to St. George and then rode with Karl, Roxanne and their 2 boys to Carlsbad, CA. I had never been to Carlsbad but I was in love at first sight when I saw the view from our beach-front condo.

The weather was fabulous but perhaps I took my "water-proof" sunscreen's promise too seriously. The first full day we spent at the beach, I managed to get severe sunburn on my legs (which were slathered in sunscreen but I did a little wading in the ocean and did not reapply - lesson learned). I don't have any pictures of the sunburn, but trust me, it was not a good experience. We spent most days on the beach. Karl's brother, his wife and daughter joined us and we had a blast all together.

We went to the pier for dinner one night. It was so pretty and a truly unique experience to be eating in the middle of the ocean.

Someone on the beach built a little sand penguin and left it on the beach.
We took in some AMAZING sunsets while there. Is there anything better than an ocean sunset?

We had some glow stick glasses that we enjoyed after sunset one night.

Our home away from home is the upper right balcony. Such a beautiful place and a beautiful view.

I flew from LAX to St. George at the end of our beach week. Karl, Rox and the boys spent a few days in Disneyland. I would have loved to join them but with work being crazy, I had to get back home. Plus with my new sunburn, I wouldn't have lasted long walking in Disneyland and I think they frown upon not wearing pants in the park ;)

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