Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas came much too quickly for me this year! Here are a boatload of pictures from the Warner/Davis family Christmas celebrations!

Jesse in his Christmas Eve pajamas

Halle in her Christmas Eve pajamas

What cute kids!

Jaxon wearing Dylan's hat
Tyler, Karsten, and Chandler playing some Rockband

Chandler, Karsten, and Vance playing Rockband

Karsten playing Dance Dance Revolution

Dylan taking his turn at Dance Dance Revolution
We made Danielle try the dancing game since she's the dance teacher in the family!

Jaxon had to dance too (with some help from his brothers)

Baby Jade is getting sooo big! We just love her to death!!

Karsten and Jade (she was mad)
Dylan and Jade

Jaxon and Jade

Danielle and Jade

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