Wednesday, August 6, 2008

10 long years ago....

10 years ago, I had just graduated high school and thought I was sooo ready to get out of Fillmore and never look back! We had our 10 year reunion this last weekend and it's so hard to imagine how I EVER thought at 17 that I was ready for the real world! Here are some pictures from my glory days in high school, followed by a few pics from our reunion this past weekend.
Brenda, Lauren, and myself ready for the Powderpuff game

Tiffany, Alisca, and Irene after a hard played powderpuff game!

Brenda, Tiffany, Alisca, Jenn, Heather, Kami, Lauren, and Margie at Senior Ball

Pete, Alisca, Ryan, Brenda, Megan, and Jenn at graduation

10 years later.....

Part of the Class of '98 (those that attended the reunion)

Just kickin' it in "The Blue Room"

Brenda, Jenn, Sam, Alisca, and Kami


Kim Raynor said...

Look at you! Cute!

holli said...

Alisca, great job on the reunion blog. I just got home from a long vacation and I need to do the same as everyone else and get blogging, about the last week! It was great to see you along with everyone else!

Jense Family said...

Loved looking at the older pictures. I sure miss good ol' Millard High. Yuck on the moving!!! I hate boxing and unboxing but at least you have a chance to go through everything. It is amazing how fast things accumlate.